Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Library Advocates ARISE!!!

Our funding is in jeopardy! The Governor has proposed 10% cut across the board (except for 4.5% for School Aid) to resolve a mid-year state budget deficit of almost $3 billion. This means an additional $3.3 million cut in Library Aid on top of the three cuts received over the past 18 months that have reduced Library Aid from $102 million in 2007 to $91 million as of April 2009.

If the proposed $3.3 million goes through, it would bring Library Aid down to $88 million a level not seen since 1998. Libraries have already contributed their fair share toward reducing the state's budget shortfalls. Library services are needed now more than ever. Please contact your state legislator to urge them to reject the proposed cuts.

The New York Library Association has already drafted a letter for you to send out to state policymakers. All you need to do is type in your name, address and zipcode and our software will identify your state elected officials for you. Now advocating for your library services can be quick, simple and timely, plus there is no cost to you. Click the banner below to lend your voice!

If you wish to personalize your letter, a list of OWWL system services can be found at http://www.pls-net.org/. We recommend that you insert your personal comments at the beginning of the form letter to ensure that your comments will be read.

Thank you for your support!

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