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Thursday, April 19, 2012

From Limericks to Haiku...


Come to our 4th Annual Poetry Reading and Reception!

Thursday, April 26th @ 7:00 p.m.

Poetry Contest Winners will be announced.

We will read some poetry and share refreshments.

All are welcome at this FREE event!

Last month, several Library Literati lived large on limericks. We laughed and laughed.

There once was a group in Arcade,
all writers, though not too well paid.
They met at a table
and shared as best able
their writings, in sunshine and shade!

Unlucky Leprechaun

I t'wasn't so lucky today
when a lass stole me wee self away
'cause the gold that she found
where the 'bow touched the ground
was the funds from me 401K!!!

There was a young lady from Cork
who never used knife, spoon or fork.
She ate with her finger;
few boyfriends would linger

'cause who wants a gal wearing pork?

Happily, we hopped to Haiku in April. (Whew!)

He is coming home
Eighteen steps for him to climb
Strength growing daily

anxiety turned joyous...

Yesterday, summer
Today it is early spring
What a crazy year.

Black road runs silver
'twixt greening fields, once golden;
early April rain.